Emergency Assistance Program
Emergency Assistance Program was designed to address special needs of clients of the Charity Home, as well as to provide them with assistance in emergency situations, and it includes:
- purchase of expensive medications during rehab period after sustained severe deceases;
- acquisition of vital household equipment which is not available due to breakdown and which is not reparable;
- providing assistance in prosthetic dentistry.

Home Caretaking Program
Home Caretaking is one of the priority programs of the Charity Home. A professionally developed structure of nursing service allows to provide care to single elderly people and to provide as much help as it is required by each specific individual.
Above all, Home Caretaking Program is an individual approach to each client, an option to provide additional services which are not in the list of the Social Assistance Agency.

Medical Programs
Medical Programs include programs of rehab equipment i.e. providing help to clients of the Charity Home who experience mobility impairment in order to help them live more independent life and improve their mobility.
Benefit Medications Program.
Its purpose is to improve quality of life of the Center clients by way of help in providing free medical consultations and procurement of subsidized or free medications. These services are designed to address the needs of clients which cannot be addressed by public medical institutions within reasonable timeframes.

Food Programs
Food programs include monthly grocery packages that are arranged on the basis of individual requests of clients of the Center. Groceries are selected by taking into consideration medical recommendation in respect of diet for elderly people. The program allows substantial expanding of diet for low-income clients of the Center. In-home food delivery has been arranged for clients with limited mobility. Delivery is provided by nursing services of the Charity Home.